Correlation between sound level and Carbon Monoxide concentration

Key Questions: 

  1. Does the gas sensor data suggest a correlation between sound and carbon monoxide and how do you explain it?
  2. Suggest ways we could reduce carbon monoxide levels at school in the morning.

Background Information:

  • Carbon monoxide is poisonous to humans and created by car engines.

Task 1: Analysing Data

  • What time of day are carbon monoxide levels the highest around the school building?
  • How does this finding correlate with sound levels around the school?

Task 2: Group Work:

  • Students split into three groups, and each group assigned a specific task.
  • Group 1: Key question: How can the average citizen cope with the problem?
  • Group 2: Key question: What could local government do about the problem?
  • Group 3: Conduct internet research on new technologies that could help resolve the problem?
  • All groups present their findings on a poster.