Ideation Module


Preparation and training for educators is essential when implementing new technologies and concepts into the learning environment. This ideation module covers the key areas of study including, what is IoT and big data, the relevance of IoT and big data in a classroom context, and hands-on experience of using the IoT Exploratory. The module comprises of three stages.

Stage 1, a collection of online videos and reading material that explain and visualise the IoT concept, what big data is, and what is sustainable development.

Stage 2 is a tutorial of the IoT Exploratory and the tools available for viewing, analysing and sharing data. This can be found in Appendix  2 to 4. The objectives are to ensure educators are trained in how to find their data, how to use to use the online tools to analyse data, and how can the IoT Exploratory data be used in a educational context.

Stage 3 requires educators to collaborate with each other and discuss ideas for implementation in the classroom.

On completion of this module, it is hoped educators will have an understanding of the key areas of study; ‘What is IoT?’, the Relevance of IoT and big data in the classroom’, and ‘hands experience of using the IoT Exploratory’. In addition, to create a sustainable world now and in the future, education must be at the forefront.

Stage 1 - Reading Material

Stage one to this module utilises online content and reading material to gain an understanding of the IoT concept and big data. Please watch and read the following.

The video below contains a visual explanation of what the internet of things is, as well illustrating a relatable example of IoT devices being used in a real-world scenario.

This article from Wired is another approach to explaining the internet of things and big data. In addition to the explanation of IoT, the article also approaches the topics of privacy and reliability which are key, not only to IoT implementation, but to the safeguarding of pupils when used in the classroom.

This article is a description of what education for sustainable development is.

The sustainable development goals (SGDs). Learn the history of the SDGs and what they each represent.

Stage 2 - IoT Exploratory Tutorial

Go to the IoT Exploratory Tutorial and complete it.

Stage 3 - Collaboration

In the spirit of the collaborative nature of IoT for Education, educators can build on knowledge and experience gained in previous stages of this module by collaborating and discussing their understanding and ideas for using IoT and Big data in the classroom.

Educators from around the world can connect using meeting and social platforms and spend time with one another discussing what they have learned throughout this module. Educators all take different approaches to implementation and methodology of lesson content whilst curriculum requirements and time allocation have different challenges from country to country which is why the importance of collaboration is essential.

Educators should begin their discussions with underpinning knowledge questions such as, what is IoT and big data, and understanding ESD? Conversations can build on these discussions to the point of designing and sharing lesson content concepts for tackling climate change in the classroom by utilising IoT technology.

If you would like to be put in contact with an educator please contact us.

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