IoT Internal Monitoring Kit

IoT Internal Monitoring Kit

Internal environmental monitoring

Pay Monthly

Minimum 12 month term 

Pay Annually

Minimum 1 year term


Collect, analyse, and share internal environmental data with the IoT Internal Monitoring Kit. This assemble yourself, cloud-based sensing system includes a combination of sensors: light, temperature, pressure, humidity, and sound, all of which can be used to understand the environment around you.

Utilising the IoT Exploratory tool, the device data can be viewed, analysed, and compared with other devices in the IoT Exploratory ecosystem from around the world.

What's Included


IoT Developer Board

I2C Interface

Environmental Sensor

Light Sensor

2 x Sensor Extension Cables

USB Cable

Power Adapter


Exploratory Pro Multi Access

1 Year Hardware Warranty

Data Upload

Device Support

Exploratory Support


Generate, analyse, and compare data with other IoT device in the IoT Exploratory ecosystem. With the tools and graphing features available in the Exploratory gain a real and accurate understanding of the your internal environment. 

The exploratory tool offers graphing features and tools to view your data over defined periods of time whilst linking effects of multiple sensors by overlaying the graphs. 

Build graphs of multiple devices to compare environments in multiple classrooms, offices or rooms in your house whilst utilising the statistics tools to take an in depth look a the numbers.

Simple step by step process to connect the device to a WiFi network. See connection requirements.


Sensor Specs

Air Temperature

Unit of Measure: °C

Range: -40 – 80°C

Accuracy: +/- 0.5°C at 25°C

Working Range: -40 – 85°C

Relative Humidity

Unit of Measure: %RH

Range: 0 – 100%RH

Accuracy: +/- 3%RH

Working Range: -40 – 85°C

Barometric Pressure

Unit of Measure: mbar

Range: 300 – 1100 mbar

Accuracy: +/- 1.5 mbar

Working Range: -40 – 85°C

Light Level

Unit of Measure: Lux (lx)

Range: 0 – 120000lx

Accuracy: +/- 10%

Working Range: -40 – 85°C

Sound Level

Unit of Measure: dB

Range: 45 – 100dB

Accuracy: +/- 5%

Working Range: -40 – 85°C

Device Specs

Data sample rate: Minimum 3 seconds

Data Upload Rate: Typically 1 or 5 minutes.

Connection Type: WiFi

Power Requirements: 5V micro USB


WiFi connection by standard. Option to connect via mobile networks available).

Captive portal logon systems are not compatible. Information on how to manage this please contact us.

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