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Energy Monitoring Packages

Energy Monitoring Starter Package

This product contains smart energy monitoring hardware, software and analysis service. The service

Energy Monitoring Advanced Package

Our advanced energy monitoring kit with additional sensors provides the optimal foundation to

Energy Monitoring Bespoke Package

Build a bespoke package of smart energy monitoring devices and exploratory user access

IoT Device Kits

IoT Environmental CO2 Sensor

About Collect, analyse, and share internal environmental data with the IoT Environmental Sensor.

From: £40.00 / month
IoT Weather Station

About Capture your local environmental data including temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind and others

From: £29.00 / month
IoT Router

Our 3G, 4G LTE router allows you to have IoT connectivity independent of

From: £12.00 / month
IoT Environmental Gas Sensor

About Collect, analyse, and share internal environmental data with the IoT Environmental Gas

From: £55.00 / month
IoT Environmental Sensor

Collect, analyse, and share internal environmental data with the IoT Environmental Sensor. This

From: £17.00 / month

Exploratory Access Licenses

Exploratory Pro Single User
IoT Access

Pro Multi Single includes the following Single Pro Account Access to all shared

From: £5.50 / month
Exploratory Pro Multi User
IoT Access

Pro Multi User includes the following Everything that Pro Single offers Secondary Account

From: £9.50 / month with a 7-day free trial
Exploratory Pro Organisation
IoT Access

Pro Organisation includes the following Everything Single Offers Secondary Orginsation Account Up To

From: £49.00 / month with a 7-day free trial
Free Trial 3 Days
IoT Access

£0.00 / day for 3 days
  • Starter
  • Advanced
  • Bespoke
24 hour pattern usage
Importing previous energy data
Metering accuracy
Baseload analysis
Learning Resources
Data-led education resources
Scoping document for full granularity
Energy Monitor110+
Weather Station11
Indoor Environemntal Sensor3
Exploratory AccessOrganisationOrganisation
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  • Weather
  • CO2
  • Router
Air Temperature
Barometric Pressure
Relative Humidity
Solar Radiation
UV Index
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Rain Fall
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
PSU Included
Exploratory AccessPro SinglePro Single
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  • Free
  • Single
  • Multi
  • Organisation
7 Day Free TrialN/A
Concurrent UsersN/A
Administrator LoginN/A110Unlimited
Additional User Login
Exploratory Pro Support
Live DevicesLimited
Map View
Device Information
7 Day Data Pre-set
Sensor Selection
Selected Devices Builder
Time Series Range
Data Intervals
Chart Tools
Plot ToolsLimited
Data Downloads
Stats Table
Time Zone Tool
API Access
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