How to use the Exploratory

To use the Exploratory to get data from connected devices is as simple as following the next 7 steps

  1. Go to the Exploratory page (Insert Link)
  2. The firs way to get data is to pick it by location using the map and following the links provided in the map. This is a quick way to view data since midnight.Device List2
  3. Scroll down the page until a titled Build Graphs is displayed
  4. There will be a list of devices that you can pick from. Select the devices you wish to see data for.
    1. Just click on the tick box to the left of the device name
  5. Then click on the tab “Select Dates for data”
  6. Now select the start and end date. These dates or where you define the time series you wish to look at.Select Dates
    1. Then click “Generate Graphs”
  7. This will open a new window/tab that will display all the data on graphs
    1. There are simple tools built into each graph that can be accessed via the table to the right of each graph



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  1. Very useful as a quick start guide. is there anything else that covers some of themore advance features?

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